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"Tequila Sunset"
How much booze does it take to turn a nice guy like Mel Gibson into a raging anti-Semite? Two brave writers ordered some rounds to find out.

"Going Dutch"
I?ve got the Amish broad-brimmed hat. But could I ever actually convert to the faith?

"And Never the Twain Shall Meet"
Even though he's become an icon of that vague national religion known as Americanism, Mark Twain and patriotism were sworn enemies.

"Maxim's 100th Issue"
As the leading lads mag celebrates a milestone, a former contributor milks his millisecond of fame and says "thanks for the memories."

"Pictures of Jesus"
Two new books attempt to bring Jesus' world to life, with vastly different results.

"The Hand of Justice"
Whether Scalia flicked his fingers or flipped the bird, what would his CCD teacher say?

"Superstition: The Faith We All Share"
Everyone thinks superstitions are silly. But everyone seems to have one.

"Are Marriages Made in Heaven, or Hell?"
Those who pray for a "biblically based" marriage might want to take a closer look at Scripture.

"Back to the Basics"
In "The Call to Conversion," Jim Wallis urges Christians to rethink what it means to follow Jesus.

"Christian Sex"
Two recent books explore age-old questions about sex and the life of faith.

"Just As I Am"
A wild, speeding bus can blast a soul to hell. So thank God for altar calls and instant salvation!

"Too Close for Comfort"
In the cell-phone age, everything you never wanted to know about everyone else is always within earshot.

"John Bunyan's Reformation"
The 17th-century Puritan minister gets a nipple ring, a tattoo, and a new book deal. Sort of.

"The SoMA Idolatry Quiz"
Is your faith honest and genuine, or do you worship a golden calf? Answer these 10 questions to find out.

"A Gay Rally at Focus on the Family"
Don't expect James Dobson to show up at this "family picnic and protest" in Colorado Springs.

"A Humble Intellect"
Controversial German theologian Uta Ranke-Heinemann explains why she's glad that her former classmate has been made pope.

"The Antichrist Is Coming, the Antichrist Is Coming! To NBC, That Is."
Could the new series "Revelations" possibly be as bad as it sounds? The evidence suggests it'll be even worse.

"My So-Called Bedouin Life"
What if evolution is just a theory? SoMA's editor bravely followed the implications of this possibility wherever they led--and wound up living in a tent.

"Baby Talk"
Today's parenting books are more rough guides than how-to manualsfull of humor, shared wisdom, and heartbreak.

"The Founding Evangelicals?"
David Barton wants to put God back into American history. But whose God--history's or his?

"Paul--Christianity's Unlikely Champion"
John Dominic Crossan and Jonathan L. Reed examine one of Christianity's enigmatic founder
The Los Angeles Times

"I'm Dreaming of a Blue Christmas"
Christmas is insufferable because we expect too much. A few depressing tales would provide some balance.

"In Defense of Ole"
Ole Anthony exposes crooked televangelists. So why does a Republican strategist have a beef with him?

"Roll Over for the Religious Right?"
That's not what Jesus would do.

"Ah, Boredom!"
Don't dread the "noontide demon." Boredom can teach us a lot about human nature, freedom, and--just maybe--God.

"The Cleansing of the Temple"
Exclusive excerpts from the script for the next Mel Gibson movie

Whose 'Footprints' Is It?

Review: "Killing the Buddha: A Heretic's Bible"
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Superstition: The Faith We All Share

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